Expectations and Vacations

  I have been learning over the last few years (you know, since marriage and kids) that my expectations can tank a day faster than I can blink.  And I’ve really experienced this... READ MORE

Things I’m Loving

  1.  Wearing an apron I think it was Edie Wadsworth that first opened my eyes to the happy homemaking power that comes with putting on an apron.  I haven’t worn one in... READ MORE

Fall and Gratitude

    A few weeks ago now, I stepped out on our patio around seven in the morning and startled, exclaimed to my husband, “Honey! I feel coolness!” It wasn’t hot, or warm... READ MORE

Embracing Dependency

  It is so easy to get caught up in our culture’s idea of being independent.  And how much importance it places on it.   We start to see this independence thing as... READ MORE